Shipping and Handling

Pitcairn Island is one of the most remote, inhabited islands in the world and it is accessible only by sea. The Pitcairn mail ship operates every 3 months, so your parcels from Pitcairn will take some time to get to you.

Your parcels will leave Pitcairn on the next available quarterly mail ship. The voyage from Pitcairn to New Zealand can take up to 14 days at sea. Then your parcels will be processed from New Zealand and enter the international freight and postal system to make their way to your delivery address.

Though it takes time, rest assured your parcels will get to you. Thank you for supporting the Pitkern Island Artisan’s Gallery.

If you ordered a t-shirt that is printed ON DEMAND, this will be shipped from the printing house and not from Pitcairn Island. 

For New Zealand residents, please note a Gallery Handling Fee will be applied at checkout.

We've received word from the NZ Post that there are currently some delays with international deliveries. While your package will arrive to you, you should expect some amount of shipping delay in receiving your purchases due to COVID-19.

"The spread of COVID-19 globally has led to reduced airfreight capacity and more recently, stricter lockdown restrictions within certain countries, causing delays to parcels coming in and out of New Zealand. We expect delays to continue for some time. Thanks for your patience." - NZ Post

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