We want to thank you

We want to thank you

From now until August 31st , we’re dedicating our appreciation and thanks to our wonderful customers. That means we’re sending gratitude to everyone who has taken the time to browse our Artisan gallery and make a purchase. It means a lot.

Like so many remote travel destinations around the world Pitcairn has felt the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on its small tourism industry. We closed our borders, suspended our regular passenger services and cancelled our cruise ships. But, this enforced time-out has enabled us to vaccinate almost our entire population, catch up on lots of public and private work and take stock of our challenges and our triumphs. 

One of our really positive achievements has been establishing The Pitkern Artisan Gallery on-line. It has generated local income, created cheer and optimism and really helped support our community. Our customers continue to brighten our days through their generosity and curiosity in our crafts and curios! 

Since we launched the Pitkern Artisan Gallery online in September 2020, we've had customers from 32 countries-- from Brazil to Belgium, from Hungary to Hong Kong! 

For a place whose closest neighbours are 300 miles away and known for our splendid isolation, our customers remind us daily that we are also very connected to the 7 billion others on this big blue planet. 

We Really Appreciate Our Wonderful Customers So We’re Offering Everyone These Free Digitial Downloads Of The Pitkern Petroglyphs.


1. Add the free gift to your cart by clicking here, and proceed to checkout. You won't need to enter payment information unless you are buying another item along with the free gift.

2. You can download the prints after checkout and will also receive an email with the link to download your prints.

3. Feel free to mix and match, and print and frame the ones you like best. 



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