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Today, we are pleased to announce that we've taken our on-island artisan gallery online!

Our on-island gallery opened in 2019 and quickly became one of the island’s main attractions. With travel restrictions in place until March 2021, we decided to create an online presence for ourselves with this store.

Pitcairn Island artisans have been carving, weaving and fashioning curios and other souvenirs for generations and many of the handmade crafts and curios available through the online store highlight the strong connection we have with their Bounty and Polynesian history. Choosing to name the store “Pitkern Artisan’s Gallery” signifies the importance we place on preserving and promoting Pitcairn’s unique local dialect and cultural identity.

From branded clothing through to jewelry, woven baskets, carvings, memorabilia and stunning handcrafted HMAV Bounty models, our new online store offers access to Pitcairn’s handicrafts with a simple tap on your phone or click of a mouse! All products will be packed and shipped directly from remote Pitcairn Island to the world.

Also, to celebrate the launch, we're offering 10% off all of our 150+ items from our 13 resident artisans.

The sale runs now until September 15th. All products will be packed and shipped directly from remote Pitcairn Island aboard our supply ship to customers around the world. 

Please have a look around and take 10% off any and all items that may be calling your name!

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